These before and after satellite photos show Irma’s devastating destruction in Florida and Caribbean

Satellite images show before and after images of Irma’s wrath in the Florida Keys and Caribbean.


Drone footage shows the destruction left by Hurricane Irma in the Leawood Lakes and Cape Sable Lakes neighborhoods of Naples. Video by Rodney White and Michael Zamora.

before after(Photo: USA TODAY)

On-the-ground footage of Hurricane Irma’s destruction captivated those following the storm in and out of the affected areas.

Now, satellite images provided by DigitalGlobe show aerial before-and-after images of Irma’s wrath in the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. The company releases the images to assist with disaster response.

Irma brought devastating wind, rain and storm surge to parts of Florida and the Caribbean, where it killed dozens. It started as a Category 5 storm in the Atlantic, passed over the Caribbean and near Cuba before making landfall in the Keys and on the Florida peninsula Sunday. It then weakened as it worked its way up the Florida Gulf Coast and is now a post-tropical cyclone in Georgia. 

Below you’ll find aerial footage of the storm’s impact in Key West and on different islands in the Caribbean. Move the white line left or right to see the areas before and after Irma.


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